In case you have been under a rock for the last few weeks, Google celebrated the 30th birthday of the famous PAC-MAN game on May 21st by using a javascript version of PAC-MAN as its homepage's logo. It turned out that everybody loves playing PAC-MAN on Google. It's very cool (even Googlers think it's so cool that they decided to leave it on their homepage for 2 days intead of 1 day as usual, after that, people can still play it here). To nerd people (ehem), they want to own the game instead of just playing on Google's pages so many people tried to figure out a way to save that doodle (a common name to call Google's logo). One man did it and he shared the result with the whole world. Well, you see? Geeks are really generous!
Come back to my story, after playing the game many many times, I wondered if I can change the map to something more interesting since there's only 1 map originally. And hell yeah, it's possible! So, you are looking at the result now. Hahahahah. I'm so glad! Happy birthday to my girlfriend, Sylvie Truong!

As you can notice, the default player is a female one. If you press the Insert Coin button for the second time, you and your friend (your significant other, maybe?) can play together. And if 2 players are playing at the same time, it's like... the male player will take all the hard work so ghosts can't kill the female player. Enjoy playing! And don't forget to wish Sylvie a happy birthday!

For more information about making this, please come to my blog. Have a nice day!