I love you - Mosaic style
Happy 20th birthday of Sylvie
A modified version of PAC-MAN. Which should be named "PAC-WOMAN" I guess. Happy birthday, my girl. June 5th
Bali - July 2010
In pieces, we can still remember the trip. Note: You may want to check out the other mosaic style stuff here
Well, this thing should be a visible element but it's wayyyy so embrrassing that I decided to hide it inside a invisible div because I still want search engines like Google see this and index this page for me with keywords like: Sylvie Truong. It's her English name in Australia but her full name is "Truong Thuy Ngan". It's a Vietnamese name (pure Vietnamese with "ng", you know?). In Vietnamese, the name (with accents) is "Trương Thúy Ngân". She used “lotterite” as her nickname in many places such as her Opera blog, her emails (Yahoo! and Google services). Hmm, I think it’s enough information for you (search engines) to trace her keywords to this page. About me, my name is “Dao Hoang Son” (or “Đào Hoàng Sơn”). I’m a PHP developer for a long time and currently, I’m working for CATSoft JSC as a part-time developer. My nicknames are mrpaint (used in so many places that… I forgot already), shmiluvu (in Youtube for example), friends also call me Pon, my Sylvie calls me Horny Pony (don’t get it wrong, hey! And btw, I call her Silly Sylvie in revenge!). Hehe. That’s a lot of information for today. I will update this page soon. Love you all, guys